At Grain 4 Lab, we aim to reduce plastic waste from laboratories by providing an effective and sustainable alternative.

Our team is a collaboration of DCU staff and students. Find out more about our highly skilled and diverse team.

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Grain-4-lab is a project striving to reduce our plastic waste consumption. We hope to replace single use plastics in our laboratory with bioplastics.

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The Microbial Bioprocessing Facility (MBF) in the School of Biotechnology, DCU supports training and research within academia and the Irish food and beverage industries.

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Our blog is packed with useful information about plastic use, pollution, waste management, and sustainable alternatives. Find out more about the problem of plastic pollution and Grain-4-Lab’s proposed solution here.

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Our mission is to replace single use laboratory plastics with bioplastics. Our research found that annually our laboratories produce the same amount of CO2 as a Volkswagen Golf travelling from Tromse (the top of Sweden) to Cape Town, South Africa


Our research is conducted on microbiology laboratories located in DCU. There is a vast array of unique experiments carried out every week. We have monitored these laboratories week by week to get a better understanding and a realistic idea of what plastics can be replaced by our more sustainable bioplastics.

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Our Team comprises of DCU staff and students. Our Microbial Bioprocessing Facility (MBF) is located in the School of Biotechnology in DCU.