Grain-4-Lab Recent Media Articles!

It’s been a really great few weeks for the Grain-4-Lab team, who have had three articles appear on the RTÉ Brainstorm website.

The first is by Adam Boland, a thought provoking explanation of the potential levy on disposable coffee cups. It might be unpopular, but levies do change behaviour if implemented correctly:

Recycling is important, but it can get confusing. The labels on plastic packaging can make it hard to know how to recycle things, and even if it can be recycled, but Grain-4-Lab’s Jennifer Gaughran has this really great explainer!

And finally, plastic is everywhere, but where does it come from? How do we go from raw materials to a plastic bottle? Dylan Doherty’s got the info:

Making Bioplastic at Home
Not all plastics come from fossil fuels. You can make plastics using biological materials, and you can make them at home! Since…
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