Dr Keith Rochfort

A graduate of the Analytical Science programme of Dublin City University (DCU) (2009), Keith then completed his PhD in vascular biology in the School of Biotechnology at DCU (2013) specialising in the modelling and profiling of the dynamic cellular response of cells of the neurovascular unit to environmental stimuli. In 2014, he moved to the Conway Institute at University College Dublin (UCD) where he worked on projects encompassing vascular remodelling of the pulmonary circuit in response to physiological and pathophysiological stimuli, and regenerative nanotherapeutic strategies targeting such. In 2016, he returned to DCU where he developed and implemented coculture flow models of the human retinal vasculature towards screening adenoviral therapeutics for treatment of such, before being appointed Assistant Professor of Biomedical Science in the School of Biotechnology in 2018. Since then, Keith has secured funding for research projects in the field of cell biology examining research themes such as infection, virology, and translational modelling. In 2021, his group moved to the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy, and Community Health in DCU.