Mark Conaghan

Mark Conaghan recently completed his degree in Physics with Biomedical Sciences in Dublin City University (2021), finishing within the top four in his class. Mark’s final year project, titled ‘Nanoparticle Integration with Microfluidic Devices’, investigated and demonstrated the successful integration of silicon nanoparticles within self-designed microfluidic chips via multilayer deposition on filter membranes to capture and detect DNA. This project was completed under Dr Jennifer Gaughran and Dr Brian Freeland and received a first-class honours grade.

Mark acted as a class representative throughout the course of his degree, regularly speaking on behalf of his classmates to address academic issues and mediated discussions between students and faculty. An internship within the pharmaceutical industry showed Mark the extent of the problem that is single use plastic within laboratories. Through the Grain4Lab project, Mark hopes to aid in the development of solutions to this issue.